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Tattoos for Now is Western Canada’s premier temporary tattoo service, offering our clients the best in body art since 2003. Our airbrush tattoo services make for exceptional interactive entertainment at special events and is a memorable addition to any occasion.

We encourage you to browse through our website and view the many examples of our airbrush art.


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Body Painting

Tattoos for Now has been airbrushing for over seven years and we are experts in airbrush bodypainting. As leaders in our industry, we can create custom face and body art to perfectly suit your look.

If you can imagine it, we can airbrush it. Airbrush bodypainting is a unique service we offer our clients to enjoy at public or private events. Since we airbrush, most upper body designs take 30 minutes to an hour. For a full body design, the average time is 1-2 hours depending on the complexity of the design.

We have a variety of distinct and beautiful colors to choose from and can assist you with imagining and realizing a custom design. Some of the interesting designs that we have airbrush bodypainted for clients are:

  • Lace Corsets Design
  • Zombie Pinup Girl Design
  • Baseball T-Shirt Design
  • Football Jersey Design
  • Vine Design

For more information on bodypainting services, please email Nina at nina(at)


Belly Painting

Tattoos for Now offers the service of belly painting for those clients expected a new member to the family! Whether you are having professional photos taken or just want to take a few photos yourself, airbrush belly art is fun, safe and memorable!

You can choose from one of our designs or create your own. We will help you create a custom design to suit your look and your budget. Here are a few samples of our previous work. To see more photos of our belly painting designs, pleas view our Belly Painting Photo Gallery Page.

For more information on bellypainting, call Nina at 604-309-7669 or email


Airbrush Tanning

Tattoos for Now has been airbrushing for over 7 years and we now offer the service of airbrush tanning. The process takes 10-15 minutes and leaves you with a lovely, sun kissed glow.

Our artists use a specialized airbrush that sprays a gentle mist over your body. The solution we use is a sugar based, natural solution that develops over 8 hours after receiving your tan. We are experts in airbrushing and will give you a tan that is perfect suited to you!

As our solution works with the natural tone of your skin, there is absolutely no danger of turning “orange” with our service. Our clients love working with our airbrush experts to ensure a lovely, even tan that is a great experience and a great look. The cost for an airbrush tan is $50.

Call for your appointment today. 604-309-7669.


Custom Airbrush Tattoos

Tattoos for Now is Vancouver’s largest airbrush tattoo company and our artists are the best in the business. Our artists have superior airbrushing skills and are able to blend colors effortlessly to create a stunning, realistic tattoo that is sure to consistently please our customers.

Custom Tattoos
We have considerable experience in creating custom tattoos our clients. Whether you would like a unique airbrush tattoo for an event or are thinking of getting a real tattoo, we can help.  We have the ability of creating any custom design that you would like.

If you are thinking of getting a real tattoo, consider our exclusive, “Think Before You Ink” program. We will create a custom stencil of your desired tattoo and airbrush it on you. This service is an excellent way to “test the waters” before you get a real tattoo.

We can create the replicate the exact design you would like or assist you with finalizing a design. One of the key elements in is proportion and scale. Once we determine the size and design of your desired tattoo, we will cut a custom stencil or stencils to airbrush this onto you in the colors of your choice.

As most of our airbrush tattoos last three to seven days, this is a great opportunity to showcase your tattoo with different outfits and in a variety of situations. “Think before you Ink” has been a tremendous help to those clients who want to make a clear, carefully considered choice of whether to get a permanent tattoo.

Prices for this service depend on the size and complexity of your tattoo design. For a quote, please email nina(at)


Personal Services

Tattoos for Now has a studio located at 106-470 Kingsway in Vancouver, BC . We provide a wide variety of services by appointment only.

We are airbrush experts and offer the following personal services:

We can also cover up scars and real tattoos with our line of airbrush foundation.

These services are provided by appointment only. The price is $50 for a minimum 30 minute appointment. If you would like an appointment, please call Nina at 604.309.7669 or email at