Feeling Lucky – Group of 4 Airbrush Stencils

$ 38.00

These “lucky” airbrush tattoo stencils were designed by team at Tattoos for Now.

These airbrush tattoo designs are very popular and a great investment for any airbrush tattoo artist to add to their kit. The dollar sign and ace are some of the most popular designs in our entire catalog. These are great designs to add to a sleeve as well and/or combine with other designs.

The stencils are made using a thick and durable mylar which is laser cut for precision designs. Wipe off after use and reuse over and over. These mylar stencils can last up to 10 years with proper cleaning and care while using.

“Ace” Airbrush Stencil – 1.58 inches in length x 2.36 inches in height
“4 Aces” Airbrush Stencil – 3.30 inches in length x 2.62 inches in height
“Doller” Airbrush Stencil – 1.27 inches in length x 1.30 inches in height
“Lucky” Airbrush Stencil – 1.78 inches in length x 1.73 inches in height

Additional information

Weight .23 kg
Dimensions 21.59 × .07 × 27.94 cm