Classic Ink – Group of 3 Airbrush Stencils

$ 40.00

These classic airbrush tattoo stencils were designed by Tattoos for Now.

These classic airbrush designs were inspired by the look of vintage/sailor type tattoos. These designs pay homage to the beginnings of the tattoo industry and are still very popular today as real tattoo options – which make them a great option for airbrush temporary tattoo designs.

If you are an airbrush tattoo artist looking to round out your collection of airbrush stencils, this is a must have for your kit. Using this style of stencils which darker colors give your airbrush tattoos a very real look as well.

Interior designers or creative, artsy individuals would be sure to love this grouping of stencils as well.

The stencils are made using a thick and durable mylar which is laser cut for precision designs. Wipe off after use and reuse over and over. These mylar stencils can last up to 10 years with proper cleaning and care while using.

“Pirate Sailor” Airbrush Stencil – 3.45 inches in length x 5.13 inches in height
“Burning Love with Sparrows” Airbrush Stencil – 3.40 inches in length by 3.22 inches in height
“Double Sparrows” Airbrush Stencil – 3.98 inches in length by 2.00 inches in height

Additional information

Weight .23 kg
Dimensions 21.59 × .07 × 27.94 cm