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For almost twenty years now, permanent body art has been a growing trend in fashion and popular culture and shows no signs of abating anytime soon. Just look around you! It’s not just sailors, heavy metal musicians, or Maori warriors that get tattoos these days. Everyone, from corporate executives, to clergymen, to suburban soccer moms, even senior citizens now seem to be “getting ink” as having a tattoo becomes both more popular and socially acceptable.

A few of us at Tattoos For Now have been working in the body art industry for almost a decade now, and a sizeable portion of our clientele is made up of people who either have tattoos or are thinking about getting one. From the former category, we’ve seen our fair share of doosies: poor placement, sloppy, crooked execution, horribly dated or cliché designs, even misspelled words! Not surprisingly, many of these people regret not given this irreversible decision a little more thought. Let’s face it, getting a tattoo is pricey – and permanent! Don’t be that guy with the crooked, faux-tribal barbed wire armband tattoo on you for the rest of your life.

Do yourself a favour:


Tattoos For Now  was founded in 2003 and is Western’s Canada’s largest airbrush tattoo company. Our artists can help you with the important decision of whether to get a real tattoo. Book an appointment at our studio with one of our highly skilled airbrush professionals. With a little notice, we can create a custom design for you, or you can choose from among the hundreds of designs we have on file, one of which is likely to be similar in size or style to what you have in mind.

Our tattoos are airbrushing using a safe, alcohol-based bodypaint that dries instantly and looks realistic. The tattoo can last up to a week, though it can be removed quickly and easily with baby oil or rubbing alcohol.

Our clients love our “Think Before You Ink” service! It is a great moment when our clients see their temporary tattoo airbrushed on. They are often surprised at how realistic the airbrush tattoos look and how trying such a service helps in their decision to get a real tattoo.

Sarah Ware tried our service when trying to decide if her and her sister should get matching tattoos. She says, “The experience of getting an airbrush tattoo was fun! My sister and enjoyed it. It did help us get a better idea of whether or not we will get the tattoo. A likely yes!”

Nina Corrie, Owner and Founder of Tattoos for Now says, “Our Think Before You Ink is a unique service that has been embraced by our clients. The process of getting a real tattoo can be daunting for some people and this service really helps our clients feel comfortable that they are making the right decision. In fact, sometimes, our clients have decided to give their tattoo ideas additional thought. Real tattoos are costly to get and even more costly to remove, so we are proud to offer such an innovative service to our clients.”

The pricing for personal services starts at $50. If you are interested in booking an appointment, please call our studio at 604-309-7669. Please note that all appointments must be made in advance.

For more information, please feel free to contact:

Nina Corrie, Principal
T: 604-309-7669 F: 888-852-2012


Welcome to our New Website

Welcome to the first blog of our new website!

As we enter our eighth year of business, it is still as our goal that Tattoos for Now remains the industry leader in terms of technique, skill and industry advancement. One of our mandates from our first year in business was to create a new standard in professionalism and customer service.

We are proud to say that not only have we achieved this goal but many of our clients have mentioned our professionalism and dedication to our business time and time again. Its wonderful to hear this from our clients and its time to move forward once again with a newly revised website.

Our new site is user-friendly and really showcases the quality of our airbrush tattoos, bodypainting, bellypainting, airbrush tanning and special effects services. There are two companies that really helped with building our new site. These talented individuals are true artists in their fields.

Many of our photographs you see on our new site are taken by a very talented photographer by the name of Daryl Spencer ( Daryl is a fantastic photographer who always puts the model at ease while remaining focused on capturing that perfect moment. We highly recommend Daryl for family, maternity as well as commercial photographs.

We also had a wonderful experience working with TBS Virtual Assistance. We worked with Lisa at TBS to design a site that showcased our art, tied into our social media platforms and took advantage of current technologies to remain at the forefront of our industry.

We are thrilled with our new website and would absolutely recommend TBS Virtual Assistance for website development. (

We hope you enjoy our new site which will be updated regulary with new blogs about our events and projects. We encourage you to visit us often and feel free to post your thoughts and comments about our new website. We look forward to hearing from you.

– Tattoos for Now, Team Vancouver