Custom Airbrush Tattoos

Tattoos for Now is Vancouver’s largest airbrush tattoo company and our artists are the best in the business. Our artists have superior airbrushing skills and are able to blend colors effortlessly to create a stunning, realistic tattoo that is sure to consistently please our customers.

We have considerable experience in creating custom tattoos our clients. Whether you would like a unique airbrush tattoo for an event, photoshoot, film or audition, we can help.  Our in-house designer can create a custom stencil of the design you want. Once the artwork is created, a mylar stencil is created of your design.

Our artist airbrush the tattoos on using an alcohol based body paint that has been used in the film industry for over 20 years. This FDA approved body paint dries instantly and can last up to seven days.

Prices for this service depend on the size and complexity of your tattoo design. For a quote, please email nina(at)