Tattoos for Now offers a wide variety of services that can transform you into whatever you would like for Halloween. We can provide custom tattoos and have helped our clients transform into Kat Von D, Amy Winehouse  and Axle Rose to name a few.

We can also provide custom special effects makeup to transform you into a superhero, anime character or zombie! Email nina(at) for details.

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If you enjoy cosplay (costume play) or attending conventions as your favorite character and that character has tattoos, come see us to replicate those tattoos. Our airbrush tattoos look realistic and last up to five days. We can replicate designs from images, photos or even book covers.

Case Study: A client of our was attending an Anime convention and was a performer as well as an attendee. He really wanted to go as the character Kamina but he did not know how to replicate Kamina’s detailed tribal tattoos that covered the arms back and neck.

Our client called Tattoos for Now for help. We researched Kamina images online to get a complete idea of the detail of the tattoos. Once this was completed, we were able to determine a price and start to cut out custom stencils to replicate the Kamina tattoos.

Here is a photo of our client dressed as the anime character Kamina complete with our airbrush tattoos. The photo shows the character’s tattoos as well as the replicated airbrushed tattoo. The client was very impressed with  how closely the airbrush tattoo matched the original design.

We love helping our clients with detailed or challenging transformations. If you need help with a costume, please call email Nina at