Special Effects

Tattoos for Now offers a wide variety of special effect services. We are expert in airbrushing and can transform you into whatever you would like for Halloween or other special events.

We can provide custom tattoos and have done so for clients that wanted to be Kat Von D, Amy Winehouse  and Axle Rose to name a few. We can also provide custom special effects makeup to transform you into a superhero, anime character or zombie!

We can also bodypaint you from head to toe. We are experts in all types of airbrushing as well as airbrush makeup and special effects. We are also able to attach bald caps and assist with cutting wigs and styling. We also carry specialized products such as zombie tooth rot, latex and fake blood to help achieve the perfect special effects look.

For more information on our special effects services, call Nina at 604-309-7669 or email nina(at)tattoosfornow.com